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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, James Monroe Jones who was born in Wills Point, Texas on Feb 01, 1922 and passed away on April 03, 2004  In Pueblo, Colorado at the age of 82.  At the time of his transition to Heaven he was survived by his wife Imogene Jones as well as 8 Children and 9 Grandchildren and Nuemerous Great Grandchildren. He will always be remembered as a Strong and hard working father and husband, he married Imogene Briscoe and they shared 55 wonderful years together. We will remember him forever. May God Forever Hold You In his Arms.
Tributes and Condolences
happy birthday   / Terry Jones (Son)
happy birthday dad I love you.
Missing you so much   / Paula Jones (Daughter)
  The last several days I have had a very difficult time once again accepting you are gone.  Just when I think my heart is healing  something brings all the pain back from your passing away that I don't know if I can ever get past or c...  Continue >>
Missing You   / Terry Jones (Son)

I have been thinking of you as I always do, It's hard to Imagine that a little over Four years ago you and I were really fighting a hard battle, one that I will always think of as the most important battle we ever weathered together, ...  Continue >>
3 Years ago....   / Terry Jones (Son)
Dad, today has been 3 years since I got to talk to you, It is unforgettable the last conversation we had together, I enjoyed talking to you and it is something I will never forget, only a few short hours later God took you into the heaven's for ...  Continue >>
Life too hard   / Carolyn Horton (daughter)
we need ya'll so life's too hard to carry on .    Too hard to face,not
worth the pain,the emptiness,the lonliness the days the nights the 
pains too hard to take anymore.

Lo...  Continue >>
Memorial Day 2005  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
I still miss you!  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Thank You For Everything  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
2 and a half years  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Time Goes By Slowly  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
And God Said  / Carolyn Horton (Daughter)    Read >>
Daddy / Carolyn Horton (Daughter)    Read >>
Happy 84th Birthday  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Starting another new your without you.  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Come To Me  / Ray Ray Jones (child)    Read >>
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His legacy
The worlds best dad  
My Father James Jones was one of the strongest men I have ever known, he worked very, very hard to provide all his children with the things we needed as we were growing up, his sense of humor was incredible he could make anyone laugh at anytime, he listened with his undivided attention when a problem arose or when you just need to talk.
he enjoyed farming, as well as working on cars, sports and life.
he taught me all about what it takes to be a man and to be strong and not let things get to me as he often told me to do.
he was very much in love with my mom Imogene Jones, he spent 55 years with her, that was his first and only true love aside from his children.
he loved his tobacco and his banana cream pies and all of the animals he ever had, they too were his babies.
he may be gone from this world, but his legend lives on and it always will, he is now safe in Jesus' ever loving arms.
the one thing I would say about my father is he taught me everything that I needed to know to get through life and the things I could not fix, simply don't worry about it...time fixes itself.
I thank him for the knowledge he taught me and I am proud to be his son.
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